How much is the natural fertility of the soil?

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Soil is an amazing thing, how is it formed?

After weathering, rocks on land are leached, stripped and transported by various external forces, and finally deposited in lakes and oceans, solidifying into various sedimentary rocks; then after long geological years, these sedimentary rocks at the bottom of lakes and oceans re-emerge as land rocks with the movement of the earth's crust, and again undergo weathering, the primary minerals are decomposed and generate clay minerals, producing soluble substances and releasing nutrient elements, preparing the conditions for the emergence of green plants. At the same time, leaching occurs during the weathering process, and the leaching process moves the effective nutrients to the lower layers of the soil and outside, which has the effect of promoting the renewal of soil materials.

In a word, it means that rocks are composed of various minerals, and soil is evolved from rocks, and soil is the "polymer" of various minerals. As long as nature is still in motion, weathering and leaching will not disappear, and the ability of soil to release mineral nutrients will not disappear.

Thus, as long as the soil exists, there is no need to worry about the day when the natural fertility of the soil will run out.