Heavyweight news 2023 Central Document No. 1 released

The 20th central government document guiding the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers since the 21st century was released by Xinhua News Agency on Wednesday. The full text, a total of nine parts, including: to pay special attention to the food and important agricultural products stable production for, strengthening agricultural infrastructure construction, strengthening agricultural science and technology and equipment support, consolidate the development of poverty crucial achievements, promote the development of rural industry with high quality, broaden the channels of farmers' income to get rich, promoting livable appropriate industry and rural construction, improve the leadership of the rural governance system, strengthen the policy guarantee and system and mechanism innovation.

Xi Jinping: strong country must first strong agriculture, strong agriculture can be strong country

Xi Jinping stressed at the Central Conference on Rural Work Anchor the goal of building an agricultural power We will do a good job in agricultural and rural work Li chaired the Li Qiang, Wang Huning, Han Zheng, CAI Qiding, and Xue Xiang attended the meeting.
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