Talent Introduction

As a postdoctoral innovation practice base in Henan Province, Haochuang Group is now recruiting postdoctoral students from domestic and foreign university research and research institutes in order to accelerate the breeding and cultivation of microbial strains, the research and development and application of microbial soil remediation technology. We welcome all universities, research institutions and other units to jointly conduct joint postdoctoral training with our enterprises, and constantly innovate the new mode of postdoctoral training.

Postdoctoral research direction

1. Research direction of breeding and cultivation of agricultural microorganisms;

2. Research direction of microbial soil remediation;

3. Plant nutrition research direction;

Postdoctoral recruitment conditions

1. Basic requirements: abide by national laws and regulations, have good ideological and moral character and professional quality, physical and mental health, love research work.

2. Docates at home and abroad in the recent three years, or those who will graduate in 2023, or postdoctoral researchers who are discharged by other postdoctoral research stations (workstations).

3. In principle, the age is under 35, and the outstanding conditions can be appropriately relaxed.

4. With strong ability of scientific research innovation, sense of teamwork and ability to carry out scientific research independently, I have made certain academic achievements in corresponding directions, and am able to complete post-doctoral research due diligence.

5. Have the conditions to be a postdoctoral fellow in the postdoctoral innovation practice base.

Postdoctoral-related treatment

1. After the station, the salary is preferential, besides the normal salary, the postdoctoral can also enjoy the full living subsidy of 100,000 yuan of Zhengzhou municipal government every year, the first purchase subsidy of 100,000 yuan, and a subsidy of 200,000 families for work outside the station.

2. During the station, the company can provide housing for rent free for 2 years.

3. The residence, social insurance and children's schooling after the postdoctoral station shall be implemented according to the relevant national, municipal and district policies and regulations; 4. In principle, the working period of postdoctoral students in the station is 2 years, which can also be extended appropriately according to the needs of scientific research work;

4. Qualified gible can be identified as high-level talents in Zhengzhou and enjoy relevant treatment.

Registration method and process

1. Applicants should send the electronic version of the following materials to the recruitment email address, and the title of the email must be marked with "Postdoctoral registration + name + doctoral graduation school + major":

(1) Resume;

(2) Letter of recommendation from two doctoral supervisors in the field;

(3) Research ideas for the proposed selection project;

(4) Copy of doctoral diploma and doctoral degree certificate, or certification materials for doctoral graduation in 2023, to be provided with relevant certification materials by new postdoctoral researchers of other postdoctoral research mobile research stations (workstations) (previous station experience, evaluation materials and postdoctoral certificate); (5) Doctoral thesis (or first draft) and two representative academic studies;

(6) One scanned copy of ID card and one personal bareheaded 2-inch color photo (electronic version).

2. Comprehensive the application materials, organize the interview, and the interview time will be notified separately.

Contact information

Contact number: +86-371-56276217

Email address: zzhcnykj@126.com

Address: National University Science Park of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone (East District)

Talent Introduction