Develop potential fertility

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The development of potential fertility includes two aspects: one is to release the fixed mineral nutrients in the soil, and the other is to speed up the conversion rate of organic matter in the soil.

To release the fixed mineral nutrients, we must improve the soil as a prerequisite, reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers, break the knot, and apply more organic fertilizers containing microorganisms, so that microorganisms can act as "miners" under the appropriate water, fertilizer, air and heat conditions, and convert the unavailable nutrients into useful nutrients.

If fertilization is the treatment of soil fertility decline "prescription", biological organic fertilizer is Chinese medicine, fertilizer is Western medicine, Chinese medicine in the treatment of disease at the same time can play a conditioning role, the treatment of disease and fitness, while Western medicine in the treatment of disease at the same time will have serious side effects.

Development of potential fertility also lies in improving the speed of conversion and utilization of organic fertilizer. Some farmers apply a lot of organic fertilizer, orchard benefits and did not quickly improve, it is believed that organic fertilizer is still not as good as chemical fertilizer. In fact, the development of organic fertilizer potential fertility is the need for quite a long time. The people have a proverb: "lean land three years not fat, fat land three years not thin", that is, the potential fertility of organic fertilizer needs many years to release.

According to scientific research, organic matter into the soil, under natural conditions, fully transformed into a form that can be absorbed by plants, it takes more than 1 to 100 years. To speed up the conversion rate, the number of soil microorganisms must be increased. The larger the microbial population in the soil, the faster this conversion rate will be and the faster the potential fertility will be brought into play.

Combining the above two aspects, whether it is releasing the fixed mineral nutrients or speeding up the conversion rate of organic fertilizers, the participation of microorganisms is required.

The application of bio-organic fertilizer is the main means to develop the potential fertility of the soil. Microorganisms play an important role in the material and energy conversion of the soil and are an important and irreplaceable link in the ecological chain of the material cycle.