The First National Veterans' Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fair is a Perfect Closing - Haochuang Departs Again!

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On April 1, 2023, with the theme of "Opening a new journey, creating an era of innovation", the first National Exhibition and Trade Fair of retired soldiers' entrepreneurship and innovation achievements came to a successful end. Haochuang Group, with its 3 series and 11 products, presented to provide comprehensive, professional, scientific and green soil restoration and crop fertilization options for the vast number of agricultural planting customers!

一、The unique Henan Pavilion

Henan exhibition Hall is designed, produced and arranged by our province, and the main frame adopts the art form of steel relief as a whole. With the abstract shape of "Ding", it integrates the cultural elements of Henan's long history. With the theme of "Establishing entrepreneurship and innovation Tide Exhibition of retired soldiers", it helps Henan's military-created enterprises face the whole country and go to the world.

The exhibition, the provincial Department of veterans Affairs from the province selected 15 outstanding representatives of military entrepreneurship enterprises, covering new materials, new energy, aerospace science and technology, traditional Chinese medicine, food and other fields. Haochuang Group participated in the exhibition and fair as a representative of the agricultural industry in our province.

二、The exhibition site is extremely popular

1.1Keep your original aspiration with ingenuity

Li Mingjun, general manager of Haochuang Group, has been in the army for 9 years and won the honor of XXX. Since his retirement, he has always adhered to the original aspiration of "Party building and gathering industry to promote agriculture, rural areas and farmers", focusing on technological innovation, scientific research transformation, constantly updating and iterative products, adhering to the "craftsman spirit", and helping the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers with practical actions.

In this exhibition, Haochuang Group adopted a simple but not simple construction style, showing new technologies, new products and new achievements. Leaders from the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Veterans Affairs of Henan Province visited and learned about the scientific research and technology of Haochuang Group in soil restoration and rural revitalization work, and affirmed the achievements of Haochuang Group.

1.2Focus on star products

With the increasing heat of the exhibition, Li Mingjun was invited to the broadcast room of Chinese veterans, introducing the entrepreneurial experience and product research and development technology in detail, which was recognized by the majority of netizens in the broadcast room.

At the exhibition, the staff of Haochuang Group warmly received every visitor, explained the product carefully with solid professional knowledge, patiently answered all the questions of customers, and did the on-site experiment, so that customers could more intuitively and clearly understand the product characteristics. Haochuang Group brand continues to spread, attracted a lot of new customers to come, an endless stream of visitors, the booth heat continues to increase.

The scene is in full swing, the transaction is constantly. Customers in many regions have reached cooperation with Haochuang Group, and some of them have strong cooperation intention, so Li Mingjun warmly invited them to come.