Four Fertility of Soil

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Natural fertility, anthropogenic fertility, effective fertility, potential fertility

Natural fertility: It is the fertility of the soil formed by natural factors.

Man-made fertility: is the fertility of soil formed by human factors such as tillage, fertilization, irrigation, and soil modification. The level of human fertility is influenced by many factors. The developed soil has both natural and artificial fertility, and the relationship between the two is that natural fertility is the basis and artificial fertility is the dominant one.

Effective fertility: Due to the limitations of environmental conditions and management level, soil fertility is often only partially expressed, which is called "effective fertility", also known as "economic fertility", i.e., the part that reflects the soil's production capacity under certain agricultural technology measures. Fertility.

Potential fertility: part of the fertility is not directly expressed as "potential fertility", refers to the environmental conditions and the level of technology can not be used by plants, but in certain production conditions can be converted into effective fertility of that part of the fertility.