5% 10% 15% EC Quizalofop-P-ethyl

Formulation: 5% 10% 15% EC Standard: FAO Label: customized


5% 10% 15% EC


Product Name Quizalofop-P-ethyl 

Specification (COA)
Content: ≥12.5%
Water: ≤0.5%
PH: 3.0-7.0
Formulation 15% EC,  10% EC, 5% EC
CAS No. 94051-08-8
Targets Grass
Crops Rape field,peanut field,cotton field
Chemical name ethyl (R)-2-[4-(6-chloroquinoxalin-2-yloxy)phenoxy]propionate
Another name Assure II; Targa Super; Quizalofop-P-ethyl [ISO]; (R)-Quizalofop Ethyl; DPX-Y6202-31; NCI-861094; etc.
Empirical formula C19H17ClN2O4

Product Description

1. Quizalofop-p-ethyl is a kind of aryl phenoxy propionic acid class selectivity, the herbicide transmitting stem leaf processing, can effectively prevent soybean field weed.This product is a kind of aryl phenoxy propionic acid class selectivity.

2. Quizalofop-p-ethyl can be absorbed by the leaf of the weeds,then conducting up and down through the weed,inhibiting cellular fatty acid synthesis,leading the weeds to death.Rape field,peanut field,cotton field Protection.



5% 10% 15% EC Quizalofop-P-ethyl

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